Stacy Garcia Commercial for Brintons

Stacy Garcia Commercial for Brintons







With almost ten years of partnership since 2009, Stacy Garcia Commercial for Brintons offers a wide variety of high-end woven Axminster wool carpet collections. From layered medallions to radical abstractions, ranging from colorful and bold to contemporary and elegant, the Stacy Garcia Commercial for Brintons offering boasts an impressive 159 individual designs amongst nine collections. Perfect for use in every market – from hospitality and retail to marine and gaming – the designs have the ability to be fully customized to fit each project.

Brintons Carpets is a market-leading supplier of woven carpets to the worldwide hospitality, marine, gaming, leisure, private and public sectors. Committed to the concept of thinking globally and acting locally, Brintons has design studios, offices and agents in all of the major markets around the world.

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